IoT and Arduino Project Topics

Hardware & Software Technologies
Arduino Microcontroller Boards UNO(ATMEGA328), NANO(ATMEGA328), LilyPad(ATMEGA328), MEGA(ATMEGA2560), MICRO, MINI, etc.
IoT/Wi-Fi Microcontroller Boards NodeMCU ESP8266 CP2102, ESP-32, ESP32 CAM, Raspberry Pi, Jetson NANO, etc.
Other Microcontroller Boards AVR, PIC, ATiny, 8051, STM32, etc.
Wireless Modules Bluetooth HC-05, RF434, HC-12, LoRa Ra-02 SX1278, SX1277, SX1276, NRF, RFID RC522, etc.
Hardware Programming Arduino Programming (C++), Python, etc.
Mobile Application Android Application Development, MIT App Inventor 2, Kotlin, iOS, etc.
Web Application HTML, Bootstrap CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JQUERY, ReactJS, Node.JS, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Firebase, etc.
  1. IR Sensor based Smart Car Parking System with Web Dashboard
  2. Intelligent IoT Robo-Car
  3. IoT Based Smart Mask System for Farmers
  4. Pot Holes Detection Robot using Raspberry Pi
  5. IoT Soldier Health Monitoring and Tracking System with Panic Alarm
  6. Active RFID based Student Tracking System using Internet of Things
  7. IoT based Smart Helmet with GPS Tracking and Accident Detection
  8. IoT based Smart Alcohol Detector Device with Auto Fine Collection for Traffic Police
  9. Home/Industrial Automation System using IoT, Google Assistance and Personalized Android Application
  10. Automatic Toll Collection Booth using IoT and Active RFID
  11. IoT based Power Theft Detection with Centralized Web Application
  12. IoT Patient Health Monitoring System using IoT and Cloud Technology with Machine Learning
  13. IoT Based Liquid Level Controlling and Monitoring with Realtime Communication
  14. IoT Based Water Theft Detection using ESP8266 and Web Dashboard for Water Supply
  15. Online Biometric Based Voting System EVM Machine with Random Key Security Technique
  16. IoT Based Car Accident Detection System using GPS and Cloud Technology
  17. 3-Phase Fault Detection using IoT and Web Application
  18. Android Application based IoT Notice Board with Remote Control with Schedule
  19. IoT Based Weather/Environmental Monitoring using LoRa Technology SX1278
  20. Smart Agriculture System using IoT and Machine Learning
  21. Automatic Thermal Stability with Interlocking using Internet of Things and Cloud Technology for Food and Medicine Storage
  22. RFID and IoT Door Locker System using Android Application to Control Door Remotely
  23. IoT Based Cloud Clock using OLED and ESP8266
  24. 3-Phase Power Control using IoT and Android Application
  25. IoT Based Automatic Alarm System for Smart Pill/Medicine Box with Web Application for Scheduling
  26. IoT Based Smart Water Dam Management and Control with Early Flood Detection and Emergency Alert System
  27. Automatic CCTV Tampering Detection System using IoT
  28. IoT Based Anti-Theft Alarm System for Shops with Remote Monitoring
  29. Face Recognition based Door Un-locker System
  30. Air Pollution Monitoring System using PM2.5 and Air Quality Sensor with Cloud Technology
  31. IoT Based Smart Air Filter with Quality Measurement
  32. Smart Gas Leakage Detection Bot
  33. IoT Based Early Flood Detection System with Emergency Alert System
  34. Smart Solar Power Monitoring using IoT Technology and Web Application for Data Management
  35. IoT based Smart Energy Grid
  36. IoT Based Smart Weather Reporting System with Web Dashboard
  37. Automatic and IoT Temperature Control Fan
  38. LoRa Based Smart Agriculture System for No-Network Areas using SX1278/HC12
  39. Home Automation using TSOP and IR Remote
  40. Home Automation using Bluetooth and Android Application
  41. Smart Water Level Management
  42. IoT Based Smart Water Reservoir and Water Flow with Testing for Domestic Uses
  43. Face Mask and Social Distance Detetcion using Tensor Flow and Deep Learning
  44. Face Recognition based Door Security