V   E   G   A   N      F   O   R      T   H   E      A   N   I   M   A   L   S

< An Engineer / IoT Researcher / Web Developer / Cyber Security Specialist / Animal Rights Activist />

Ashish Vegan


Won 1 Best Intern, 12 National Level, and 2 State Level Tech Fest Awards.


Holds 5 National Patents in India and 2 International Patents in Germany and Australia.


Completed over 400 Hardware and Software Projects.


Over 3000+ Students have been trained in the fields of Hardware, Software, and Information Security.

Animal Rescue

Empowering injured animals through rescue and veterinary care.

Web Hosting

Efficiently managing cPanel Web Hosting for Optimal Website Performance.


Enhance Online Visibility and Boost Organic Traffic through Strategic Optimization Techniques.


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About Ashish LabadeVegan

     Ashish Sanjay Labade is a skilled and accomplished individual with a diverse background in technology, IoT development, web application design, and cyber security. He holds several patents and has published research papers in the field of computer science and communication engineering. With a strong proficiency in programming languages like C, C++, PHP, Python, and JavaScript, as well as experience in debugging and working with databases like MySQL and Firebase, Ashish has a robust technology stack that also includes expertise in IoT, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Embedded System design. Additionally, he is well-versed in Angular, React, and NodeJS.

    His expertise extends to Graphics Designing, Video Editing, and PCB Design, and he has developed over 400 Hardware and Software projects using various technologies. Ashish has significant experience in training and teaching, having worked as an IoT Expert, Assistant Professor and Trainer in multiple institutions & companies, imparting knowledge on IoT, Web Development, Computer Architecture, Cyber Security and more.

     Furthermore, he is an ardent Animal Rights Activist, Vegan for 7 years, and actively engages in promoting animal welfare. Ashish is passionate about creating awareness regarding animal cruelty and advocates for Veganism to make a positive impact on the well-being of animals.

     He also shares his extensive technical knowledge through his YouTube channel Tech Vegan where he has garnered a substantial following and inspired many with his expertise in technology and dedication with over 500K+ views.

     Ashish Labade (Vegan) is a versatile individual with a passion for technology and making a significant difference in the world, both in the technological and animal welfare domains.

Tech Stack

Internet of Things (IoT), LoRa & Industry 4.0

100% Complete

AI & Machine Learning

100% Complete

Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking

100% Complete

HTML5 + Bootstrap CSS + PHP + MySQL

100% Complete

Angular/React + ExpressJS + NodeJS + MongoDB

100% Complete

Embedded System & PCB Design

100% Complete

C, C++, Python, .NET Core

100% Complete

Graphics Designing & Video Editing

100% Complete

ESP8266, STM32, Arduino & Raspberry Pi

100% Complete

cPanel Web Hosting Management

100% Complete


Hardware & Software Projects




Workshops & Expert Lectures


Awards Won


Students Trained



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