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This project is compatible with the following topics/titles

  • Result Management System
  • Online Result Display
  • Smart Result Management System
  • E-Result Display
  • DBMS Project

Problem Definition

Existing System consists of lot of paper work & manual processing. None of any Schools or Colleges display student exam results online. They provide manual report card having hand written records. Sometimes these records are not consistent. To reduce paper work, I proposed paperless system to display exam results online. Exams like Sessional Exam, Mid Sem Exams, Non-University Exams, etc.

Rationale & Importance of Project

As the word “Online” means required Internet connection to access & avail these web services. Web Application allows to control & manage information from anywhere in the World by using Internet. As we know that Internet is the second largest network in the World having millions of devices connected & sharing information. The proposed system is based on Client-Server Architecture where Server Application is designed using latest technologies like PHP & MySQL with Apache Server. This Web Application will help students & teachers reducing efforts & saves time. After all it will be a smart application to make things better.

Aim & Benefits of Project

Following are the benefits listed:

  • Decision making power is provided by this system.
  • Accurate result can be obtained.
  • This system makes Selection process more effective.
  • To increase efficiency proposed system is depend on classification method.
  • Proposed system is used to reduce confusion at the time of processing results.

Course Outcomes of Online Exam Result

  1. To recognize the need for information.
  2. To access information from appropriate sources.
  3. To develop skills in using information technologies.
  4. To critically analyze and evaluate information.
  5. To organize and process information.
  6. To apply information for effective and creative decision making.
  7. To understand and respect the ethical and legal aspects of information and its technologies.

Existing System

System Analysis is a detailed study of the various operations performed by a system and their relationships within and outside of the system. Here the key question is what all problems exist in the present system? What must be done to solve the problem? Analysis begins when a user or manager begins a study of the program using existing system. During analysis, data collected on the various files, decision points and transactions handled by the present system. Training, experience and common sense are required for collection of relevant information needed to develop the system. The success of the system depends largely on how clearly the problem is defined, thoroughly investigated and properly carried out through the choice of solution. A good analysis model should provide not only the mechanisms of problem understanding but also the frame work of the solution. Thus, it should be studied thoroughly by collecting data about the system. Then the proposed system should be analysed thoroughly in accordance with the needs. System analysis can be categorized into four parts:

  • Paper work.
  • Manual processing of student results.
  • Time taking work to analyze results.
  • No digital platform.

Proposed System

The Online Exam Result System is a management information system for education establishments to manage student data & their results. Online Exam Result provide capabilities for generating particular result for exam and generate the report automatically, build student details, student-related data needs in a college. Using the latest PHP technology completely built in HTML, CSS, PHP & MySQLi. our system is a complete result management and staff interaction system with built-in features proofing that easily supports Integration with the latest student exam result system providers. A Online Exam Result System is an automatic result generation system that provides the proper result to the students as well as parents as per the tags like Good, Better & Best. Download Student Exam Result Report online. The provision may as well have a database of survey which can be given to the understudies following a secured. In the existing system teachers need to process result manually. By this process teachers can update marks in online system without wasting time in writing. This system is designed to be simple to use, simple to understand and easy to implement and configure to fit. After successful entry of marks in respective subjects of students, the percentage will automatically processed & stored permanently. We have developed Online Result System to provide results in an easy way. This is the main disadvantage of the existing system for giving results about the student’s exam and viewing report of students manually. Student Performance Result on exams is an essential element in quality assurance. Here we aimed to design online web application for issuing the exam results of students, this is named as Online Exam Result System. Online Report Card generation will be easy for students. They just need to enter their roll no. or enrolment no. in order to see their results. Since they are the best tool, we currently have for collecting objective, detailed and reasonably systematic information, which Informs the parents about student’s performance in terms of percentage. Online Exam Result provide result in an easy and quick manner. Results are stored in MySQL database.


  • Improve efficiency and productivity.
  • With Online Result System it helps most businesses to increase efficiency on information as reducing man power and manual activities subsequently improve productivity.
  • Saves time.
  • Online Exam Result reduces manual activities, man power and paperwork. With this computerized system, people which have multiple skills can be used more efficiently.


  • If the server is down, the whole system will down.
  • The client is needed to be connected with the server 24 hours a day, 7 days week in order to retrieve the date from the database. If the client lost connection with the server, the whole system is not fully functional anymore.

Hardware & Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements (Server)
CPU 1 GHz & more
RAM 512 MB
Disk Space (HDD/SSD) 100 MB
Display Resolution Any screen size

Software Requirements with download links
OS Any Windows / Linux/MAC
Code Editor IDE VS Code / Notepad++ / Sublime Text / Dreamweaver / Notepad / Brackets
Web Browser Chrome / Edge / Firefox / Opera
Server WAMP Server / LAMP Server / XAMPP Server

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