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  • PHP Chatting App
  • Online Student Chatting System
  • PHP Messaging Application
  • PHP Chat Application
  • DBMS Project


  • Online/Offline Chat.
  • With PHP Chatting Application it helps most businesses to increase efficiency on information as reducing man power and manual activities subsequently improve productivity.
  • Saves time.
  • Free Service.


  • If the server is down, the whole system will down.
  • The client is needed to be connected with the server 24 hours a day, 7 days week in order to retrieve the date from the database. If the client lost connection with the server, the whole system is not fully functional anymore.

Hardware & Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements (Server)
CPU 1 GHz & more
RAM 512 MB
Disk Space (HDD/SSD) 100 MB
Display Resolution Any screen size

Software Requirements with download links
OS Any Windows / Linux/MAC
Code Editor IDE VS Code / Notepad++ / Sublime Text / Dreamweaver / Notepad / Brackets
Web Browser Chrome / Edge / Firefox / Opera
Server WAMP Server / LAMP Server / XAMPP Server
Source Code
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Download Online PHP Chatting Application free source code zip file with database SQL file. This project source code is not for selling purpose. You can use this source code for academic project submission.

Project Report
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Download word document file having all the information about this project. This document is for reference. Project Report is courtesy of Gerard Rovira Sánchez.